Different colored pencils Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán

We’re excited to highlight the color customization features in Focusmeter. With these features, you can adjust the colors of the interface to better suit your personal taste and help in your Focus and Rest sessions.

Research has shown that certain colors can have a significant impact on our mood and cognitive functions. For instance, vibrant and stimulating colors like bright blues and greens can enhance focus and productivity during your Focus sessions. On the other hand, softer and warmer tones such as pastel blues and gentle yellows can promote relaxation and tranquility during your Rest periods.

Currently, in Focusmeter you can customize the color of the Focus and Rest timers to your own preferences. Please go to Settings > Interface & Display > Colors to do so. Visit this guide for more details.

By customizing the color scheme to match your preferences and the specific tasks at hand, you can create a more personalized and effective environment for both focus and rest. Try out the color customization features today and elevate your productivity and relaxation sessions according to your unique style and needs.