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On the Google Play Store, there are many, many different apps that help you to stay focused. Some are feature packed, some are minimalist. How do you know what you want? Here are three reasons why Focusmeter is the best study focus app.

1. Flexible Timer Customization.

Everyone has different studying styles and patterns. Focus techniques like the standard Pomodoro technique, or the 52/17 rule might help some students stay focused, but not everyone might find these techniques optimal for themselves.

Focusmeter allows you to customize timers in any way you want. The timers are grouped into a sequence that is called the “Mode”. A Mode is a sequence of timers for the activity or task you want to work on. For each timer, you can customize the type (Focus or Rest timer), the duration and also Tags.

Not sure what works for you? Then start with the standard Pomodoro technique and then adapt it to your needs.

2. Track your progress with Statistics

As a student, there are many things that you have to do. Especially with tests or exams coming up, it’s hard to stay on top of your different subjects and tasks. Everything just passes by in a blur and it’s hard to get a sense of progress and accomplishment.

An essential part of Focusmeter are Statistics. Not only does this help you to track your own progress, it also lets you understand yourself better. With the Calendar, easily view your daily, weekly and even monthly progress. If you missed out a timer, you can always go to that specific date to add it in.

With these Statistics at your fingertips, keep building on your progress and achieve even greater productivity!

3. Rest timers are important too!

With the high workload from school or university, students often spend long hours sitting at their tables studying. Often, when we stay focused for too long, it gets increasingly harder to remember and understand the study material. Slowly, our studying productivity decreases. When this happens, it’s usually important to take a Rest.

Sure, when the exams are coming soon, taking a Rest might seem like wasting precious time. But a short 5 minute break to stretch, rest your eyes or walk around a little, can do wonders for your study productivity. Those 5 minutes are not “wasted”, in fact, they make your next 30 minutes even more valuable!

That’s why in Focusmter, Rest timers are equally important as Focus timers. There is really not much difference between them! Similar to Focus timers, you can also add tags to Rest timers and also add, edit or remove them from your Statistics.

In summary, these three features above are what makes Focusmeter a great study focus app. But this is not all, there are many other features in Focusmeter that are very useful for students too.